Asset Retirement Obligations
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EZ ARO is the solution for FAS 143 (also known as ASC 410) for US companies and IAS 37 for international businesses. It enables you to simply and reliably account for provisions needed for future mandatory expenses involved in retiring an asset. Accretion of the ARO liability and depreciation of the associated asset retirement cost, along with adjustments for changes in estimated cost or settlement date, flow through reports for journal entries, accretion/depreciation schedules, statements of financial position, and maturity disclosures.

EZ ARO is designed for and used by companies involved in:


Oil & gas drilling

Service stations

Billboard advertising

Mining & quarrying

And anyone else needing to reserve funds to accomplish future retirement of assets.

See our EZ ARO solution page for more information about how EZ ARO can provide the ARO accounting you need. For more information about AROs, please look at our What are AROs? and ARO Example pages.

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